Orders placed between June 9th - August 1st will be available for pickup at the Orientation/All Family Mixer on August 9*


  • Embrace the Arts: A Night of Harmony with the Twilight Concert Crewneck Sweatshirt

    As anticipation builds within the walls of the WISH Middle School Auditorium, the stage is set for an evening that transcends the ordinary. The Twilight of the Arts Concert is not merely a musical showcase; it is a convergence of souls, a celebration of the arts that promises to etch itself into the collective memory of our community. Beyond the melodies that will resonate through the auditorium, this event beckons us to unite, to revel in the shared appreciation for creativity, and to weave together threads of lasting camaraderie. On Thursday, December 7th, consider the Musical Notes 2023 Sweatshirt not just as apparel but as your passport to a night where the magic of music and the warmth of communal spirit come together in perfect harmony. 
  • Fall Into Cool: How to Enjoy the Morning Air